Everyone’s Favorite, Frenchy’s Original Cafe

There aren’t too many people that haven’t heard of Frenchy’s cafe! It has been not only a tourist but local hot spot for many years!

The original location on Mandalay Ave. and Baymont Street is a must stop for Clearwater beach goers. They are famous for their fresh grouper sandwiches and peanut butter pie????… The restaurant is small and quaint and houses a small bar where chat it up while enjoying an ice cold beer!

Growing up here, Frenchy’s has long been a household name and was ALWAYS where my mom wanted to go for a special treat for lunch and dinner.

If by chance you have never been there or haven’t heard of it, I highly suggest a trip to north Clearwater beach and a stop off at Frenchy’s Original Cafe. Check out their menu HERE.

By the way, they have multiple locations in the area and all have a little something different to offer. CHECK IT OUT!!

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