Check out The Green Table Restaurant in Palm Harbor

One of my long time favorites was a little place tucked away in a plaza with a gas station by the name of Consciousness Blossom. Everything on their menu was either vegetarian or vegan.

Well…… Consciousness eventually sold but took great pride to sell to a couple that would continue to offer their popular menu items like “neat loaf” and “the joy burger”. The new restaurant is THE GREEN TABLE and…… oh man, I like it better now than I did before.

They offer the same great popular items from the old place and also offer new, trending items daily. One of my current favorites, for example, is the “MACK STACK”, which is their version of the McDonald’s Big Mack BUT totally vegan. It is out of this world.

If you were ever considering cleaning up your diet and would like to try some awesome vegan food, then the Green Table is a great place to start! Let me know if you are going and I will meet you there!!

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