Super Cool Off the Beaten Path – Ozona Pizza

Last Friday evening I was SO feeling like I wanted pizza for dinner! Do you ever just get a taste for something specific like that?

I got on my phone and started searching for something different, somewhere I haven’t been AND because I’m vegan, I naturally wanted to find a place that offered vegan options at least.

WELL….. I happened upon a small, quaint little pizza shop in Ozona that was simply fabulous! I couldn’t believe the vegetarian, vegan and even gluten free options that they offered. In fact, there were more gluten free, vegan options that NON vegan options on their menu. I was also surprised that they have been in business for 11 years and this was my first time trying them.

The very first thing I had to try on the menu were their vegan garlic knots that were absolutely amazing. The pizza was made to order (which took a little while), but just knowing it was being freshly made made it worth the wait.

Click HERE for their menu.

I highly recommend trying out Ozona Pizza; you can pick-up, eat-in and they also deliver locally. Not to mention that the town of Ozona is super cool all in itself.

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