Check out Revelations Cafe in Lutz!

Last weekend, on my way to explore property in the Lutz area, I happened upon this gem! It was Friday night, getting late, and popped in to Revelations cafe for a quick bite to eat where they offer a “healthy vegetarian and plant based menu that fills your body and spirit.”

I was WOWED immediately with the quaint and welcoming atmosphere of the cafe. You can find their menu just inside the front door where you can ponder their many offerings. It was difficult for me to decide what to order as everything looked so yummy. I opted for the CITRUS-SOY GLAZED TOFU BOWL After ordering at the counter, you simply place your number on the table and your food is promptly delivered.

My tofu bowl was Sooooo delicious! So much so that I came back on Sunday to try the vegan tofu scramble. The food was simple, clean and yummy! Check out the menu HERE. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend that you try Revalations Cafe in Lutz!

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