Clear Sky on Cleveland is highly recommended

Clear Sky now has three locations in the Clearwater area (one on Clearwater Beach, one in Dunedin and one in downtown Clearwater). BY FAR… my favorite is the one in downtown Clearwater.

They offer 3 dining areas with different ambience.  ONE is outside the front entrance, curb side, mimicking a quaint European outdoor cafe in the city. TWO is inside the back entrance giving a feel of being outdoors with loud acoustics, tile floors and running fountains. THREE and my fav is the in between situated around a long bar and tables that nestle in rows against the bar giving it a feel of coziness and winter.

Their food is awesome and delicious with such items as PB&J Brussel sprouts. While it sounds like it might be weird, I can only say that you have to try it to understand the melting of flavors that this combo brings out.

If you are local and haven’t been there, I would highly recommend that you plan an evening out to Clear Sky on Cleveland!

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